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Facilities & Access

The Rufus Lin Gallery of Japanese Art is situated 10 minutes away from Vancouver International Airport, in the Pacific Business Centre, a Triple-A class modern building at the heart of Richmond, BC. The gallery has a spacious 2250 sq ft area, approved for use as an art museum, and operating as an art gallery under a business licence from the City of Richmond. Paid parking is available within the building itself.

Featuring both dark and light walls to better bring out the chromatic tones of different paintings, the gallery has also installed the latest hanging systems and halogen lighting, which offers the most natural lighting for viewing paintings. The high ceilings provide an airy, open feel to the various spaces within the gallery, including the small rooms. Temperature and humidity are centrally controlled. A lounge is available for visitors, with Japanese tea, ozone-purified cold water and Japanese snacks.

4th floor of the Pacific Business Centre

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