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About the Gallery

The Rufus Lin Gallery of Japanese Art is the realization of one man's vision of a world that is becoming increasingly borderless in many senses of the word, a world in which not just scholars but the public in general can have access to the largely inscrutable, rarely seen and little understood aspects of Japanese fine art and contemporary Japanese ideas about beauty. In making this vision a reality, the gallery refreshingly counteracts the ubiquity of popular Japanese culture, and demonstrates that contemporary Japanese culture goes far deeper than manga and anime.

For over 20 years, Rufus Lin has nurtured the hope that one day, he would be able to introduce to the general public in Canada and the USA some of the characteristic Japanese esthetic sensibility embodied in contemporary Japanese painting, particularly work based on themes about Japan, Japanese people and Japanese culture. After achieving some measure of success with his English-Japanese translation firm, Kakkazan Innovations Inc., Rufus Lin went on to focus on his painting, writing and music activities, eventually culminating in the establishing of the Rufus Lin Gallery of Japanese Art in 2009.

By setting stringent criteria that are applied during the jury selection of work to be exhibited, the gallery steers clear of the many Japanese painters that have been schooled in the European tradition and that work in a