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The Rufus Lin Gallery of Japanese Art has a narrow focus, exhibiting predominantly the work of Japanese artists who have never exhibited outside Japan. All paintings are on loan from or donated by the artists, who live and work in Japan.

The Rufus Lin Gallery of Japanese Art is a philanthropic venture by Canadian painter, musician and author, Rufus Lin. Its mission is to exhibit jury-selected paintings by talented Japanese artists, regardless of track record, with explanations of the paintings in English. Outside of Japan, there is no comparable art museum specializing in Japanese contemporary fine art, and in particular, the permanent collection includes a wide range of work ranging from nihonga (painted with handmade special pigments) and detailed manga-style pen-and-ink illustrations to incredibly delicate chigirie (hand-torn washi paper collages).

The gallery’s proximity to Vancouver International Airport makes it possible for visitors from all over the world to view the work of many contemporary painters from across Japan at a single location. Unlike commercial galleries, which are really retail stores selling art, the Rufus Lin Gallery is an art museum that displays fine art, and there are no price tags on the paintings. Admission is free.


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