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Rufus Lin

Rufus Lin is a Canadian painter, author, composer, pianist and singer. He is also chief designer at Rufus Lin Designs, a luxury goods company that imports European wristwatches into North America and Japan.

Starting with his early education, in the early 1980s, in visual art and Japanese film at the Faculty of Fine Arts, York University, Toronto, and his subsequent studies under a sumi-e (Japanese brush ink painting) master, followed by years of experience as a translator, in both English-Japanese and Japanese-English directions, Rufus Lin has taken a deep interest in certain specific areas of Japanese culture, particularly painting, linguistics and music.

In recent years, he has been actively working on various art, design and music recording projects both in Vancouver and Tokyo, and has been known to perform a set or two at small jazz clubs in Tokyo. His design collaboration on the Rufus Gerard Lacus Temporis with a major Japanese watch manufacturer has earned critical accolades from various magazines. His CD of piano improvisations, entitled "8 Japanese Women", breaks new ground by tying each piece of music to a work of fiction written by the performer.

In addition to exhibitions of his paintings in Tokyo and Vancouver, Rufus Lin has pioneered an innovative concept by producing miniature paintings ("art letters") on small beechwood panels, for use as long lasting greeting cards. The Rufus Lin Gallery of Japanese Art is by far his most ambitious endeavor.

Earlier work by Rufus Lin includes several photography collections, the critically acclaimed novel "Trout Rising Again", and the string symphony "Good Friday".

Rufus Lin's paintings and art letters may be viewed at the Rufus Lin Studio web site. The imported European watches mentioned above may be viewed and purchased online at Rufus Lin Designs.


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